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Blogs are an interesting beast, I have tried them before in the past and have lost interest really quickly. The nice thing about them is they come and go, but they can always be there for you. I am a pretty simple dude. I enjoy anything outdoor related and cooking. Reading is something I wish I had more time for. For those who are looking for a blog to follow that will be pretty and poetic, you might want to stop reading now. I am as far from philosophical about fly fishing as you can be. Yes I enjoy the beauty of nature, but more often than not you will hear me let out a few “adult” words over a botched cast or a missed hook set. I don’t fish too often for trout, I prefer smallmouth bass. I don’t have any affiliations within the fly fishing business outside of my local shop, so you won’t hear me gush about a product unless it really deserves it. Take this blog for what you will, but I am the kid you think is a heathen because the music is too loud and the flies aren’t traditional.


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